website is no longer available.
Operating from 2007 to 2009, the getopenlab.con domain name hosted the wesite of OpenLab International.

OpenLab International provided the digital tools to power eCommunities - bringing life, empowerment and enlightenment to the individual, and community as a whole. An eCommunity is a social group (school, business etc) whose members are connected by Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), and who use the technology to empower and support their needs and functionality.

Products included:

OpenLab4 - a GNU/Linux Operating System
EduKar - an educational software and content solution for primary and secondary schools
OpenBook - an off-line compendium of classic texts and creative works from notable authors.
OpenTrack'r - a data-gathering and application-usage tool; and
A variety of bespoke (custom) software for select clients